Follow your dreams with STEAM

2 Hour in-School Workshop for young women (Year 7 - 13)

Only 8.3% of New Zealand engineers are women. We're changing that. 

The future is in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths) but too many women are missing from these dynamic and economically rewarding fields.


Changemakeher is an interactive workshop designed to demonstrate the real reasons STEAM remains male-dominated and will outline the myriad ways a knowledge of STEAM will equip young women to powerfully impact their own communities.


If you want to develop your resilience so you can face any challenge, this workshop is for you.


If you love to be inspired by women who walk to the beat of their own drum, this workshop is for you.



If you are restless and want to positively impact the world, this event is for you.



A dynamic, inspiring workshop focussing on building STEAM capabilities —with loads of fun and games in between - you’ll leave our workshop confident and ready to take on the world.


What to Expect


Interactive Discussions. Hands-on STEM activities. Merchandise & Goody bags. Inspirational stories and a lot of laughs! Our workshops are run by two trained facilitators.


Who Should Attend?


This event is for girls who are passionate about developing their skills to become strong, confident and creative STEM leaders. We run workshops for school groups of approximately 20 - 35 young women.





GirlBoss Lead

Our Signature Leadership Development Programme

2 Hour in-School Workshop for young women (Year 6 - 13)

Only 4% of NZX50 CEO’s are women - We’re changing that!

Girl's do not have to wait to be given a leadership role before they can start making a difference, we show them how they can start executing on their own projects today!


GirlBoss LEAD is an interactive workshop designed to turbo-charge our next generation of female change makers. Facilitated by GirlBoss NZ Founder, Alexia Hilbertidou, this workshop is aimed at helping young women to make a powerful impact on their communities. Participants will look at the factors which are limiting them, determine their purpose, and be inspired to execute on their own leadership projects.


What We Cover


How to be a #GirlBoss

Attendees will:

  • Become aware of potential challenges they may face - why aren’t women at the table and what can they do about it?

  • Develop strategies to build resilience and confidence

  • Be inspired by examples of young women across the globe who are making a difference

  • Brainstorm ways to powerfully impact their own communities.

  • Consider their own WHY so that they have the strength to persist


Year 11-13 - Additional Content

Not to be missed:

We will showcase the latest research from NZ’s top recruiters so they can learn how to win scholarships, gain internships, and create an online presence which bolsters their career success.  

-Find out what NZ’s top recruiters are looking for

-Learn to create a positive digital footprint and their own personal brand

-Learn how to nail internship and scholarship applications


What To Expect


Interactive Discussions, Merchandise & Chocolate! Inspirational stories and a lot of laughs! GirlBoss Founder and facilitator, Alexia Hilbertidou leads a discussion on the challenges and opportunities facing female leaders and sets a stunning example of what can be achieved by all girls, right now, in their own communities.


We aim to make it as hassle-free as possible - we will come into your school, set up, run the workshop and tidy up!  We can adapt our programme for Years 6 -13.


If you are an individual student and not part of a school group, please look into our weekend workshops.


Who Should Attend?


This event is for girls (Years 6-13), passionate about developing their skills to become strong, confident and creative leaders. We run workshops for school groups of approximately 20 - 35 young women. We come to you!





Professional Development Workshop

Engaging and retaining Girls in STEAM

1 Hour Workshop Designed for Educators & Corporate Audiences

As the only girl in her Digital Technology class in Year 11 and the only girl in her Advanced Physics class when she was in Year 13, Alexia knows firsthand the challenges young women face in choosing to enter male-dominated fields.​

A 2017 Eisenhower Fellow at the Future of Work conference in Malaga and a speaker at both the NZ Mathematics Conference and the Association of Women in Sciences, Alexia provides timely and expert advice for educators who are passionate about getting more girls into STEAM. This workshop is suitable for school boards, management teams, and STEAM departments. 


What We Cover

  • Why young women are opting out of STEAM

  • Strategies to attract young women into STEAM careers

  • How the rise of automation will impact young women in particular

  • Providing ongoing support for your students, organisation and community





Our programme is designed and delivered by GirlBoss NZ CEO Alexia and her business partner Vicky Crawford. 

Alexia’s appreciation of the youth market combined with Vicky’s pedagogical knowledge has led them to create an interactive, inspiring, cutting edge programme.

Alexia Hilbertidou

Alexia is a sought-after speaker who has spoken to more than 30,000 people in corporate offices, government agencies and schools in the last 12 months.


Despite being only 19, Alexia has packed a significant amount of leadership and entrepreneurial experience into her life.


A Global Teen Leader, a Ministry of Youth Development Top 5 Young Leader, and winner of the Westpac Young Leader Award.


In 2018, Alexia was selected from 20,000 nominations as one of 60 Queen's Young Leaders. Where she received an award from Her Majesty, The Queen for Services to the Commonwealth at an Award's Ceremony held at Buckingham Palace.

Alexia’s humble origins and incredible journey make her a positive and relatable role model for young women from every corner of New Zealand.

Vicky Crawford

Vicky is a senior teacher with 20 years experience in New Zealand in both primary and secondary settings. She co-founded the Albany Junior High NEXT Business Academy, is a member of the Upper Harbour Financial Capability Advisory Board and has been a Toastmasters president.


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