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Who designs for the other 90%?

Krista Donaldson, an inspired Stanford graduate, has put her Ph.D in mechanical engineering design to astounding use as the CEO of a non-profit tech company called D-Rev. D-Rev engineers medical devices. Yet what makes D-Rev so unique is that these medical devices are designed for those in third world countries who are living on as low as less than four dollars a day.

The company aids patients afflicted with illnesses such as jaundice to facilitating those requiring prosthetic limbs (see the video link below). Particularly with amputees, treatment can be highly expensive, which can make prosthetic limbs unreachable for thousands.

“I’ve always loved a challenge, and I really enjoy seeing how modern technology and good design can be used to solve problems, and help the people who need it.”

However the implications of living without a limb can be disastrous for even simply daily tasks. Thus, D-Rev’s pioneering ideas in creating affordable yet effective limbs solves this imbalance between those who need prosthetics and those who can afford them. As a woman in this field for over 15 years, she was one of the first to offer such treatments to third world countries, with her company’s motto being “Design for the other 90%”.

As a result of her efforts in assisting thousands of individuals in developing countries across the globe, Krista has been awarded the Alva Award for Serial Entrepreneurship, named as one of the Fast Company’s Co. Design 50 Designers Shaping the Future, as well as being given the opportunity to speak at a TED talk and Clinton Global Initiative.

Sometimes, the world relies on someone working for the benefit of others rather than themselves. Sometimes, we are lucky enough to find this someone.

Written by Vanessa Marryatt and Hannah Waller

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