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All girls team go to international robotics competition

Left to right: Ashleigh Sun, Elizabeth Vaughan, Cynthia Liu, Beverley Sun with their winning robot

The power of girls resurfaced as 2017 was the year  an all girls team regained their position as the New Zealand representative for the 2017 Vex Worlds. Westlake Girls’ team 2904C won the design award for the 2016-2017 Vex robotics season “Starstruck” which qualified them to the World Championships. It has been 7 years since New Zealand has put forward an all girls team for Worlds, the last time also being from Westlake Girls High School for the “driver skills award”.  "It was an amazing experience. We learnt a lot and we were all treated the same as the guys, which was nice," says Elizabeth, the driver of team 2904C. Westlake Girls High School have made a mark in New Zealand robotics by receiving the most awards in the 2017 Vex Nationals declaring the power and skills of an all girls team. The national Sportsmanship award was also awarded to an all girls team from St. Cuthbert's College and Team 2904C further on obtained the Sportsmanship award in their division at the World stage. The number of girls and women involved in Vex robotics has significantly increased over the past seasons. With the new 2017-2018 season "In the zone" revealed on April 22nd, we are excited and hoping for further success.

Written by Regina Lee

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