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The GirlBoss Awards is a nationwide search for trailblazing young women (ages 11–18) who are defying stereotypes and creating change in their communities. We celebrate inspiring young leaders, facilitators, role models, and innovators.

"What these winners lack in age they make up for in courage and heart. Every one of them has stood up on behalf of others to make our country a better place." 

- Alexia Hilbertidou, CEO, GirlBoss New Zealand.

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Our 2019 Winners

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Georgia Tiatia Fa'atoese Latu

12 years old, Dunedin

Roseta Lopa

18 years old, Porirua

Brooke Moore

16 years old, Taupo

Yashna Kumar

16 years old, Auckland

Tayla Nasmith

18 years old, Auckland

Emily Hacket Pain

18 years old, Auckland

Hailey Bolton

12 years old, Colville

Maia Filisita Mariner

14 years old, Wellington

Sophie Handford

18 years old, Kaipti 

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