GirlBoss New Zealand was founded with a single mission:

to close the gender gap in Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths,

Entrepreneurship and Leadership.


We empower confident, resilient, future-ready,

young women to lead and change the world.

Only 2% of NZX CEOs are women - we're changing that!




What started as a place of isolation has grown into a national movement.

GirlBoss New Zealand was founded in late 2015 as a result of my own experiences as a teenager growing up in Auckland, New Zealand.  I was 15 before I meet a female software engineer. At 16, I was the only girl in my digital technology class and at 17 I was the only girl studying Advanced Physics. I started GirlBoss because I knew  that something had to change.


From that initial point of isolation, GirlBoss is now a network of 13,500  high school aged members nationwide and our programmes have been implemented in over 100 schools across New Zealand, Australia, and The Cook Islands.


The demographic of GirlBoss members is the demographic of our nation. Our members, who are spread across New Zealand, from Northland to Invercargill, are united by their passion to use 21st century skills to solve problems in their day-to-day lives and make a positive impact on the world.


At GirlBoss, we believe the gender gap is an issue we must all come together to solve. With your support, we will continue to build a future where our next generation of girls and boys will have choices, purpose and power.

Thank you for your continued belief in our mission.







- Alexia Hilbertidou

Founder,  GirlBoss New Zealand

What we do


Tech jobs are among

the fastest growing in the country,

yet girls are being left behind.

While interest in computer science ebbs over time, the biggest drop off happens between the

ages of 13-17.




Behind every successful woman, is a tribe of other successful women who have her back. GirlBoss NZ is a community of 13,500 young women. Join today - It’s free to become a GirlBoss member.


“Young women can’t be what they can’t see.” Through an online campaign, we highlight young women defying stereotypes and creating change.

Why we do it


  •  In the NZX 50, there are more CEOs named John than CEOS who are women.

  • Women get just 2.19% of global venture capital funding.

  • Women make up only 13 percent of New Zealand’s Engineers.

  • In 2015, women's participation on New Zealand’s private sector boards was 17 percent.

  • On average, women retire with nearly $80,000 less in their KiwiSaver than men. 



"Having a community of other passionate young women from all over New Zealand has truly impacted how I walk down the street. I walk taller, I think more of myself, I feel connected to others. It has been an amazing journey. "



99% - More confident

93% - More interested in a STEM career

96% - Rated the facilitator 5 stars

86% - Rated the workshop 5 stars

Based on a Ministry of Education Report analysing 1000 workshop participants from 33 Schools.  

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