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With the support of every day New Zealanders, GirlBoss New Zealand is building the largest pipeline of future female leaders

We have a bold vision for the future - for New Zealanders to all come together to close the gender gap. With your support, We will continue to build a future where our next generation of girls and boys will have choices, purpose and power.

We reckon that’s a vision worth backing. Will you help us?




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Support Network

The Support Network is a pool of supporters we reach out to when we need volunteers and expertise. We also are looking for mentors.  

New Zealand is full of young, ambitious girls that are eager to learn and grow, and your knowledge and experiences could help.

Services in Kind

GirlBoss New Zealand deliver work through physical workshops and online resources.

We require catering, printing, stationery supply, graphic design, digital support, photography, videography and thank you gifts.


Our organization relies on support from partners to drive our work. Based on thoughtful conversation with your organization, we’ll develop a customized partnership to direct your donation to initiatives and programs within GirlBoss New Zealand. If you make a commitment to support the day-to-day programmes of GirlBoss, your funding will go toward our overall operation and management of our programs across the country, reaching thousands of girls each year.

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