Professional Development Workshop for Educators

Engaging and retaining Girls in STEAM


GirlBoss NZ Director, Alexia Hilbertidou, has created a workshop for educators who are serious about empowering women to secure their future by



As the only girl in her Digital Technology class in Year 11 and the only girl in her Advanced Physics class when she was in Year 13, Alexia knows first hand the challenges young women face in choosing to enter male dominated fields.


The lack of  passion for STEAM led her to create Girlboss when she was just 16 years old. Less than two years later GirlBoss has become an 8000 strong network for ambitious, young New Zealand women who are

The workshops have been developed in consultation with education professionals and are based on the latest leadership pedagogy.


Just returned from a space mission with NASA, Alexia’s own mission is to get young women to the table - the boardroom table that is, and she believes the decisions made while young are crucial in paving the way.

“We were the first to give women the vote,

and my vision is to be the first country to close the gender gap in the areas set to have profound influence in the future - STEAM, business and leadership.”

Heading 6

A 2017 Eisenhower Fellow at the Future of Work conference in Malaga and a speaker at both the NZ Mathematics Conference and the Association of Women in Sciences, Alexia provides timely and expert advice for educators who are passionate about getting more girls into STEAM. This workshop is suitable for school boards, management teams, and STEAM departments.

This 1-hour workshop and Q & A will focus on:

  • Why young women are opting out of STEAM
  • Strategies to attract young women into STEAM
  • Actions you can take
  • How the rise of automation will impact young women in particular
  • An insight into the mindset of Gen Z
  • Providing ongoing support for your students, school and community



Alexia's presentation on how we can encourage girls into STEM served as an inspiration to not simply be an onlooker when there's a problem/issue, but to own it and do something about it. Alexia is a very committed and passionate person who is doing something that will pay huge dividends in the future - STEM is hugely important yet so often pushed to the 'too hard' basket. I very much encourage an organisation to use Alexia for their event, she is a successful role model to so many in the NZ community (not just young women) - which enables a 'connection' to be made with any NZ-based audience in particular."

- Clinton Freeman, Actuary, AMP NZ


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